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The Causes of Smoking and the Solutions to Control it in Tehran (5400 Downloads)
Social Determinants of Health, Health Promotion, and Sustainable Development Goals: Rising opportunities in Iran to address SDH and achieve SDGs (1063 Downloads)
Marital Satisfaction Rate of Women Referring to Health Care Centers of Yazd Suburbs and the Related Factors (770 Downloads)
The Effect of Using Virtual Social Networks on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress among Young Adults (678 Downloads)
Qualitative Study of a Background of Drug Use among Women in Yazd (653 Downloads)
The Relation between the Type of Crime Committed and the Mental Health Status of the Female Prisoners in Urmia (587 Downloads)
Comparison between the Impact of Video Instructions and Traditional Training on FBS Control in Type 2 Diabetics, Hamadan: A model based intervention (536 Downloads)
The Reasons for the Emergence of Violent Behavior and Attempted Murder from the Perspective of Male Killers: A qualitative study (509 Downloads)
Evaluating Spiritual Experiences and Some Psychological Components in Medical Students (442 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Child-Centered Mindfulness on Social Skills and Self-Efficacy of Children with Learning Disabilities (438 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy on Psychological Well-being and Self-Esteem among Adolescents with Depression Disorder (418 Downloads)
Challenges Faced by Health Care Providers in Dealing with Iranian Women’s Fear of Breast Cancer (359 Downloads)
The Prediction of Psychological Well-Being Based on Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem in Caregivers of people with Physical, Mental, and Multiple Disabilities in the Welfare Organization (324 Downloads)
Relationship of Glass Ceiling and Mental Health with Burnout in Women Working in Khansar and Golpayegan Health Care Networks in 2018 (316 Downloads)
A Study of the Effectiveness of Group Spiritual Intelligence Training on Self-Efficacy and Social Responsibility of Secondary School Girls in Shahrekord (312 Downloads)
The Effect of Educational Program on the Prevention of Pediculosis in Primary School Fifth Grade Students: An application of the Health Belief Model  (287 Downloads)
The Effect of Health Education based on Health Belief Model on Preventive Actions of Synthetic Drugs Dependence in Male Students of Kerman, Iran (263 Downloads)
Estimate the Health Literacy in Health Centers in the Border of Yazd City: Cross sectional study (249 Downloads)
Trends and Prospects in Public Health Education: A commentary (240 Downloads)
Knowledge of Male High School Students in Yazd and Rafsanjan (IRAN) Regarding Illicit Drugs Use as a Social Problem: A comparative study (231 Downloads)
Investigating Health Literacy of Teachers in Asaluyeh (221 Downloads)
The Role of Public Places in Increasing the Tendency to Addiction in Yazd City in 2015 (213 Downloads)
Investigating Social Health and Its Related Factors among Male Prisoners of Urmia in 2016 (209 Downloads)
The Role of Family Communication Patterns and Sexual Quality in Predicting Attitudes toward Marital Infidelity in Women in Isfahan (197 Downloads)
Marital Adoption Prediction Based on Childhood Violence of Married Women (190 Downloads)
A Case Report of Formative and Summative Evaluations of a Graduate Course on Foundations of Health Promotion for Masters of Public Health Students (181 Downloads)
Pathology of Industrial Drug Abuse Tendency in Gorgan (177 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Stress Reduction-Based Cognitive Therapy on Perceived Stress and Migraine Symptoms of Women Suffering from Migraine (174 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy on Mental Endurance, Self-Compassion and Resilience of Infertile Women (168 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Quinn's Early Educational Program on Attention and Memory of Preschool Children in Isfahan (168 Downloads)
Knowledge Transfer in Health and Social Sciences Research Centers Affiliated to Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Yazd, Iran (153 Downloads)
The Effect of Divorce Counseling based on Gottman's Approach on the Self-Efficacy in Divorce Management of Couples Applying for Divorce (151 Downloads)
Comparison of Mindfulness, Psychological Capital, and Self-compassion between Students with Externalizing Behavior Problems and Normal Students (106 Downloads)
The Relationship of Mindfulness, Psychological Hardiness and Spirituality with Depression in Mothers (12 Downloads)
Comparison of Emotional Processing, Emotional Failure, and Cognitive Adjustment of Emotions in Students with Divorced and Non-Divorced Parents (6 Downloads)
The Efficiency of Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance Based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy on Anxiety Sensitivity and Emotion Regulation Difficulties in Women with Irritable Bowel (5 Downloads)
Comparison of Self-Coherence and Impulsiveness between People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Healthy People (5 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Barkley's Parent Training on Social Skills of Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (5 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Hope Therapy on Improving the Elderly Quality of Life (4 Downloads)
General Health Status, Quality of Life and Social Support of Young Athletes and Young Non-Athletes in Yazd (4 Downloads)
A Survey of Factors Related to Marital Satisfaction among Married Women in Taft City, Iran (3 Downloads)
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